Saturday 15 July 2023


I tried to re do this video and speak more correctly.
But I couldn’t. This recording was spontaneous, from my heart.
So take it or leave it but it’s "The Truth"

Also, everything has to be taken with the balance of the word. For example sex in the holy city is when we are dominated by the truth and holiness; here on earth sin and the flesh rule in mortals and such freedom does not work.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

                                                ZFLASH7 -- ZERUBBABEL/JESUS/MILLINIUM

Who or what is the end time ZERUBBABEL.

1st. Its not a single person. Yeshua said; "The HANDS of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of the second temple (and then he says) his hands shall also finish it". Meaning the end time Zerubbabel. 
You have assumed its a single person because it mentions the two end time witnesses in the same text. (they are two individual people). 
The governor Zerubbabel; was the organiser his hands did not lay the foundation of the second temple. The hands that laid the foundation were the called out ones... the ecclesia of that day.. YES you and me. The Bride.

We his holy bride wear his signet ring of promise of eternal marriage to him, but it gets even better.... with that ring we also have (literally) unlimited power to use. 
At our word (spoken in the presence of his holy spirit) we literally command this planet, just as he commanded the plant to obey during creation.

Kind of a pre-martial gift. Use it wisely.

Monday 18 March 2019

"thou shalt not kill"

First... I am against the unholy Koran and its doctrine.
I am also for Yeshua and his holy doctrine
Regarding hatred.... I am 100% against any form of hatred.
I would rather be killed than to kill to be stolen from than to steel.
NOWHERE in the new testament.. (the christian bible) did Yeshua advocate any form of hatred.

He Absolutely  ordered his people to expose the false religions and bad doctrines... but this is not hate... on the contrary it is LOVE to warn the wicked of their wicked ways...Truth is Love...
When a brother is going astray it is love to warn him before he reaps the judgement of God... ergo Koran = evil...... BEWARE...
Never ever did Yeshua even hit at murdering another human because they were evil or because they were wrong or because they were misguided or whatever.

Lucifer is the father of murderers... Yeshua said it himself..."ye are of your father the devil, he was a murder from the beginning"... so forth.

The unholy Koran is an evil book but so is Charles Darwin's book of origins of species... they are the same in deluded content; one religious one secular.

When I hear of evil mortals killing innocent people in the name of.. God... ethnic cleansing.. supremacy.. or just plain greed... I know that mortal is one of Lucifer's child... end of story..
All hail to Yeshua... all hail to Love all hail to Freedom.

Sunday 3 August 2014

Christian or Heathen WEST.


I am so thankful that I will not reap the rewards of the Western nations. I have denounced their bloodthirsty lust for power and wealth via and their commercial system and have been forgiven by the blood of Yeshua. Have you?

All the religious systems are just another cog in the machinery of the devils commercial world empire.

Oh God almighty return soon Yeshua and sort out this evil world.

It’s a chaotic world out there. But we’d better get used to it; this 

may be the new normal.

The Middle East is in flames, not only Gaza but Syria, Iraq and Libya as well. Russia is massing troops on the border of Ukraine. Central Africa is a mess, as are Afghanistan and Pakistan. Parts of Mexico and Central America are ruled by criminal gangs and drug cartels. And those are merely the crises big enough to command front-page attention.

A. Salvation.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Antimatter is the spirit world



 This is how the anti-matter universe works; it is a universe that is either positive or negative, order or chaos, extremes rule in that universe.
The two universes are forever separate, but one. (1 Cor 15:50. 1Cor 15:44) You are a living example of the two universes. Flesh and spirit.

Gal 5:17 For the flesh wars against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.

I love reality and truth  but I despise ignorance: for example, it is a proven fact that two universes exist this matter one and an anti-matter one, everything else is pure speculation and theories. How the two universes coexist with us without annihilation only God knows. My theory is they can only be separated at the speed of light, eg the LHC. 
When your anti-matter self, or spirit is reaped upon your death (Ecc 3:21) it is either freed into the crystal city that is in existence somewhere in our Milky Way galaxy (It is a real material city (Rev 21,22) made from this our matter universe). Alternatively, it is put in a prison like pockets inside the Earth (1 Sam 28:13-15) and kept until this Earth is brought into the infinite kingdom of endless planets.
When Earth is finally reaped and Yeshua returns, all the saved anti-matter (Isa 26:9) people will be given brand new immortal physical bodies (1 Cor 15:40) and will work (Rev 20:4) in the Crystal city that will orbit our Earth for 1000 years. (Rev 20:7)
When the millennium is finished Yeshua then melts the Earth like a pizza (Rev 20:9) and there will be no more oceans and much more land, He then renews the Earth into a garden of Eden (Rev 21:1). Then all the unsaved anti-matter people are released from their prison in the Earth(1 Pet 3:19) and each one is judged and either given a new super body and allowed to live on the new Earth or sent into a lake of fire on a planet like Mercury, or the centre of the Earth.(Rev 20:10)  This is the second reaping, the not so blessed redeemed. (Rev 20:6)
The reality is there is no hooky spooky god who exhales and out come a few trillion galaxies. God is a real entity and has a real son Yeshua who was born via a physical copulation with a young (Jewish bar mitzvah,) virgin, called Mary.
God is Yeshua, Yeshua is God. The almighty reproduces himself on every world he seeds. God is one endless collective of sons that make up a spirit. God Almighty.

Monday 14 October 2013

who would want to be Him?

Z FLASH 7                              ZERUBBABEL/YESHUA/MILLENNIUM             Z FLASH 7

Who are the end-time witnesses

According to the word he is one of the two olive trees the eyes of the LORD the two last witnesses. ( Zec 4. Rev 11.)

Now think about this person, who the hell would want to be him or the other person for that matter.
I respect their ministry of death and destruction but lets face it, no wonder the people of Earth are glad to see them dead and send presents to one another to celebrate their deaths.
let's recount...............

They would be like Yeshua on Earth. Despised rejected and men/women of sorrows. So straight up they would remind me of criminals or the lowest scum of society. (politicians? Ha, they are respected)
After they receive their powers, what do they do with them? Hold meetings and heal the sick and do a tour of the childrens hospitals? NO
They go about killing every system government or person who stops them at each border crossing, cause they don't have visas.
Then, after the government of that country decides it cant kill them it causes mass hatred about them which in turn cause theses two prophets to curse their country with more death and when they leave they stop the rain from blessing there country and send the visiting mission field swooning with plagues of more destruction.
They more than likely would have only themselves as friends as the christians would disassociate themselves from them and the poor dumb sheep would be bewildered to say good or bad of them.

Lets face it who in there right mind would want to be one of them?
be honest if you can. 

Saturday 28 September 2013

Religion or Yeshua

Z FLASH 7                              ZERUBBABEL/YESHUA/MILLENNIUM             Z FLASH 7

The world is such a mess 

and to boot uncle sam is falling apart with sin. To me religion is a man made insanity that God almighty in the form of His son Yeshua, tolerates.
Religion no matter how pure they try to make it still smacks of man trying to maintain his own righteousness with a little help from God thrown in.
The only answer is SALVATION a personal relationship with God almighty, in the form of His gift on Earth: YESHUA.

Boycott religions: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, all of them. Do God a favour, take the best from each of these and get alone with Yeshua and work out your own salvation, with the fear of God and His word as a template. If this is your heart, contact me we are brothers and sisters in exile from our crystal city, heaven.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Anti-matter is Spirit

CERN describes anti-matter as the Mirror universe of our matter universe.
I see anti-matter as the spirit world.
A whole universe of symbiotic spirit living next every atom.
With this concept in mind then all things have spirit. But not all things are reaped into the anti-matter universe.

Most antimatter goes back into its sub atomic particles and lives in a massive pool just like the ground.

What anti-matter/spirit is reaped?
1st all mortals are grown and reaped.
2nd some animals are reaped also not all,
to be used again in another Earth like world.
3rd Some plants are also reaped to use in starting other worlds.

Sunday 4 January 2009

The lonely neutron star RX J1856.5-3754 and the related cone-shaped nebula.


The lonely neutron star RX J1856.5-3754 and the related cone-shaped nebula.

Is not a remeniant of a supenova explosion BUT is a pod from the Kingdom.

Jesus rules

Friday 2 January 2009



I would love to live like a monk, with other monks, just monkin around for Jesus.

ON my Farm, like Bother sun Assisi. without the 2 serious lifestyle.

Riding our Motor bikes, from town 2 town, with patches on our jackets. Z1, Z2, Z3 to 7

warriors for Jesus, getting out our books and just monkin around.

But, reality bites and I work hard, eat modest and live alone.

Heaven would be 7 of us without hangups (conqured thorns), fightin on the frontlines for Jesus.