Saturday 28 September 2013

Religion or Yeshua

Z FLASH 7                              ZERUBBABEL/YESHUA/MILLENNIUM             Z FLASH 7

The world is such a mess 

and to boot uncle sam is falling apart with sin. To me religion is a man made insanity that God almighty in the form of His son Yeshua, tolerates.
Religion no matter how pure they try to make it still smacks of man trying to maintain his own righteousness with a little help from God thrown in.
The only answer is SALVATION a personal relationship with God almighty, in the form of His gift on Earth: YESHUA.

Boycott religions: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, all of them. Do God a favour, take the best from each of these and get alone with Yeshua and work out your own salvation, with the fear of God and His word as a template. If this is your heart, contact me we are brothers and sisters in exile from our crystal city, heaven.

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