Wednesday 24 February 2021

                                                ZFLASH7 -- ZERUBBABEL/JESUS/MILLINIUM

Who or what is the end time ZERUBBABEL.

1st. Its not a single person. Yeshua said; "The HANDS of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of the second temple (and then he says) his hands shall also finish it". Meaning the end time Zerubbabel. 
You have assumed its a single person because it mentions the two end time witnesses in the same text. (they are two individual people). 
The governor Zerubbabel; was the organiser his hands did not lay the foundation of the second temple. The hands that laid the foundation were the called out ones... the ecclesia of that day.. YES you and me. The Bride.

We his holy bride wear his signet ring of promise of eternal marriage to him, but it gets even better.... with that ring we also have (literally) unlimited power to use. 
At our word (spoken in the presence of his holy spirit) we literally command this planet, just as he commanded the plant to obey during creation.

Kind of a pre-martial gift. Use it wisely.

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