Monday 14 October 2013

who would want to be Him?

Z FLASH 7                              ZERUBBABEL/YESHUA/MILLENNIUM             Z FLASH 7

Who are the end-time witnesses

According to the word he is one of the two olive trees the eyes of the LORD the two last witnesses. ( Zec 4. Rev 11.)

Now think about this person, who the hell would want to be him or the other person for that matter.
I respect their ministry of death and destruction but lets face it, no wonder the people of Earth are glad to see them dead and send presents to one another to celebrate their deaths.
let's recount...............

They would be like Yeshua on Earth. Despised rejected and men/women of sorrows. So straight up they would remind me of criminals or the lowest scum of society. (politicians? Ha, they are respected)
After they receive their powers, what do they do with them? Hold meetings and heal the sick and do a tour of the childrens hospitals? NO
They go about killing every system government or person who stops them at each border crossing, cause they don't have visas.
Then, after the government of that country decides it cant kill them it causes mass hatred about them which in turn cause theses two prophets to curse their country with more death and when they leave they stop the rain from blessing there country and send the visiting mission field swooning with plagues of more destruction.
They more than likely would have only themselves as friends as the christians would disassociate themselves from them and the poor dumb sheep would be bewildered to say good or bad of them.

Lets face it who in there right mind would want to be one of them?
be honest if you can. 

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