Monday, 21 July 2008

Livin on the Farm.

Well, Hi ya all.
I am finally living on the farm and have a black sheep. I thought mumma was being hassled by a crow, but woah, I looked again and it was a LAMB as black as soot.
I did one more print run in 2010 of Z7: 5,000 books at $1 per book delivered to my container on my property with a blank page on the back inviting sponsors to have there own art, view, business, poem, whatever they wish, to be apart of this exciting work. I can get a million of these out and people love them believe it or not, so: Is Jesus asking you to supply my need, thats a lot of word on the streets you will get credit for. Of course I will do all the work.
I will direct you to my printer in china, so there is no mistakes.
MY sheep have had there lambs.

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