Friday, 17 August 2007

Z the OMEGA the last one.


The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

A very weird teaching but one that has merit.

Why would Lazarus be in the arms of Abraham.. He more than likely did not do much good works or was a great preacher?

Or was He... maybe in Jesus eyes He was the best preacher of all. A man who continually turned the other cheek and tyred no matter how bad He felt to say a kind word to the locals as they whisked by in their frantic pursuit for pleasure or happiness.

Oh you great men out there, and women what a shock your going to get when you see the reality of the unknown spirit world and how Jesus views the soul of mortals.

That person you think of as the scum of your society (very well might be and even in Jesus eyes) But yes there is always a but. If that sinner has the mind to rise above his putrid nature and thank his saviour for the day he lives.... this mortal then becomes immortal and is highly looked upon in the celestial kingdom.

So don't tell me of putrid people they very well could be the rulers of heavenly towns in the world beyond flesh.

Be a Z today and smile.

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