Saturday, 7 April 2007

Beware of your guardian


I tell you the truth, he that speaks a word against the son of man will be forgiven, he that speaks a word against the spirit will not be forgiven... He will come in the clouds with the Holy Angels...

I will send forth the reapers... He that receives the mark of the beast will be killed...

Jesus will love and forgive you... The Father will love and forgive you... The Angels (THE FATHERS WIFE/HOLY SPIRIT) will not forgive you. They have given up their time and energy to look after you and record all your data for your place in eternity, this they do voluntary.

They serve The Father as we Jesus Bride serve Jesus, YES we are all one but still uniquely individual.

Make them angry and they will plan over a year or however you deserve, to punish you.

Even death. This is no joke and the Father has promised them the execution of the wicked.

Satan took a lot of them and enjoys to see us punished and executed, to keep the balance The Father gave us (mortals) to the Holy Spirit.

Beware and treat them with love as you would the Holy Spirit. They hold your and your loved ones breath in their hands.

You cannot worship them individually as The father has formed them all into an entity, like us the bride of Christ, we alone are nothing, but as a body of billions of saved souls we will make up the very wife of Jesus. Equal to Jesus in marriage.

I know its all too wonderful to even comprehend... Go figure?

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