Wednesday, 11 April 2007



For those of you who don't know the complexity of bible theology, to put it simply, Zerubbabel was the Governor of Jerusalem 400 years before Christ and the prophecy states that He will return in the end of the world to help establish the Kingdom on Earth just before the return of Jesus. He is depicted in the two olive trees who follow the masters way. They spend 1260 days wittnesing.

Me I am infinitely humbled just to follow in the way of these two prophets of the endtime (though I wont be wearing sackcloth, that stuff makes my skin itch) that walk the earth and breath fire out of their mouths and have instant super power over the Earths elements. Fire wind and water. (obviously, I can't do this but I can do the witnessing part)

I personally love the whole concept and therefor have chosen to use it as my symbol and like any follower of a great idea, have decided to follow in their footsteps.

You may say hey your taking too much on yourself to act or follow in the footsteps of these two mighty prophets. Others may say your a fool to follow in the footsteps of these two mighty prophets and should not follow in mans footsteps but in Jesus footsteps.

Jesus is the mightiest of all and yet so many of my brothers and sisters out there follow in His steps. I would not shame them in this act of theirs, on the contrary I would encourage you and bless you to go ahead and walk the walk.
I am so nothing in His sight, that to walk in the shadows of these great prophets would satisfy me 100%.

NO, I am not one of these prophets and I am not deluded to think I am. So please don't throw that doubt on me I have enough to bear.

Look you have your christian walk and I have mine.

YES, I would love to meet them if it is at all possible, but if not, it doesn't matter, I am happy just to be.

So I hope this has answered some of your curious thoughts, we all make choices every day, this is mine. What is yours?

One thing I have noticed in mt 35 years as a christian, is the people that knock the most usually have the most to hide. Deep down they are hiding some deep sin that they don't want to bring to light so they will knock and accuse and fight against people that are easy targets for their self righteous anger.

I pity them as they will never see the light as long as they are trying to self righteously remove the speck out of their fellow mans eyes.

My advise is if you don't understand something in life, simply put it in a box in your mind and store it for the future, it will eventually come to light if you are Gods child. If not go ahead and knock and curse out others, you will only bring them more glory, in the end.

So after all that... Hey you 2 fire ones say hello to me if your on Earth, don't be afraid I wont be nasty I play nice... and when they kill you in Jerusalem I promise I wont send presents to mock your deaths...don't worry I wont get into any hero worship... I love Jesus... but I would love to say Hi and chat for a few moments that's all?

I will understand if you don't want to talk. Or if your not on Earth yet? CYA you know who you are.

Always Paul.

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Anonymous said...

dude... like im not trying to hate or anything but why would you follow and try to be like a sinful prophet when you could aspire to be like the sinless Jesus? i mean you say you've been a Christian for 35 years, im sure you understand that Jesus is the only way to heaven. plus the prophets that you are talking about are following Jesus as well im sure. annnd the bible is full of symbolism and metaphors, so if i were you i would base what i follow in life on a more stable and backed up theology instead of one passage from the OT. i mean like Jesus says to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him, not a prophet. you said in your post that you are so nothing in His sight that you are happy to walk in the shadows of those great prophets. well the bible says that Jesus has won the victory over death, and given us liberty and freedom and the privilege and right to follow in His footsteps. in other words, Jesus doesn't want you to follow other prophets, He wants you to follow Him. Thats how much He loves you. The Bible says that He is jealous for you. Like i said im not trying to be a jerk or anything im just trying to use my discernment and help a brother out cuz what i see in here is not biblical. im gunna keep you in my prayers man :)