Tuesday, 3 April 2007

72,000 Earths to reap.


Yes when you calculate that the Father had the creation team do this solar system in 6 days and then remember that Jesus said His Father works, and has not stopped as we see throughout the milky way Galaxy and vast empire of His trillions of planets: Universe.

Then in 6,000 years and considering He has a creation week once a month. Lunar cycle and there are 12 Earths populated with a seeded being each solar year. And put to the 6,000 year test, before being reaped and brought into the entire universal Kingdom to begin the 7,000 year as a millennium year of getting used to the vast empire of the Father.

Then He would have 72,000 Earths on the boil and to be reaped after our planet gets its birth into the almighty kingdom. Truly the Harvest is plentiful.

No wonder Jesus is busy and has His empire of loyal subjects to take care of the menial business of keeping the Earthlings and the Earth itself from destruction, until He returns and reaps this Earth.

What a priceless privilege to belong to such a great Kingdom, too bad for all those who rejected Jesus, what a bummer to miss out on such riches.

My advise to you is get saved and that right early or you will be just a weed to be used as a creature to burn up, or reject or cast aside as useless. Oh and this is irreversible, this planet decides your eternal fate, there is no hey wait, now I'll believe and recieve? ha. too little too late. You have betrayed your soul.

I don't mean to be mean to you but unless you get right with Jesus your as good as dead and I don't want that for you. Deep down you have just as much potential as the next person to be a friend to Jesus and therefore a ruler in His Kingdom.

He doesn't want high minded know it all people full of their own pride and selfish desires, Jesus is better than that and only wants the best (loving) to rule in His almighty empire, to hell with your stuffed up stinking pride, within 10 Minuit's of being in the Kingdom anyone can have more knowledge than all your self righteous pusillanimous pious puke than you have gained in a lifetime of self centered riches.

Who need you, not Jesus He's going to throw you out of His sight, never able to come into His presence again. Humble yourself before its too late and your eternal fate is met.

But for all you who love our Jesus (or Love, for our future brethren) and truly serve Him in an honest and contrite heart (He knows) be strong, great is your reward in Heaven and great is your King who loves you.

Long live the King, long live Love.

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