Monday, 26 March 2007



Imagine yourself as a King of a vast empire that spans countless Galaxy's and millions of planets, with billions of years of knowledge up your sleeve and a super body beyond cybertronics... I know we call Him Jesus...

Ok what would you do if you were that being, to bring other beings close to you??? How would you work it out knowing that their pathetic bodies are only a shell for whats deep inside of them, to become more like yourself and therefore become a friend or companion: per-say...

Elevate your mind now into the 5th dimension now and try to conceive the the simplicity and obvious characteristics that such a being would desire in a friend.

Ok its all too hard I know so lets just say He realises that and goes to incredible extremes to bring this light of truth to your mind via many many people that have experienced this light of truth.

Ok I know they are fallible just like you... Ok Say He realises that too and finally decided that the only way to bring this light of truth to your mind is to make the ultimate sacrifice Himself and come down here and convey this mystery to you via His life and death.

What would you think of such a ruler or King of such a vast empire!

How would He this ruler of this vast empire choose His servants, to then govern and rule His endless, planets and Galaxy's...

Yes its a mystery.

I cant work it out its all to bazaar to me...

Can YOU?

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