Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Jesus returning from a campaign

I must tell you of a vision I had last year ... Jesus and His faithful few were on their way back to the Heavenly city through some sort of portal like a star gate of sorts but not mechanical it was alive... and they were riding a weird sort of camels...

I put it away in my mind cupboard, and I took it out just then and it makes allot of sense that the Mighty warrior and conquering King would not be satisfied with sitting around doing government work, but like King David of old would love to go on other world conquests... like the thrill seeker, or mountain climber... Jesus has conquered the greatest mountain of our known world and died for our sins on a cross, only He could accomplish. He their fore would love to put His life on the line again and do these conquests...

Oh my God I remember now He was sad as they wearily came back from some defeat in a long standing Battle or they lost someone or something happened... they were like weary soldiers.
Yea, full of love and light but still, not complete.

The battle still rages on, was the feeling I got.
Just thought I would share that vision with you, as you could imagine I see allot of these things, when you finally get to see my art book you will get a picture of how I perceive the Kingdom and our lives here.

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