Tuesday, 13 March 2007

This GIFT of enduring and appreciating suffering and heartache is one that is given to the "more blessed " category of christian. I know its bazaar to conceive that to suffer affliction could actually make you a higher ranked christian in the Kingdom Of God.

Now tell me or yourself the truth tonight... will you get down in desperate prayer and beg the Father to send you to prison or have your house burned down or your family devastated by an accident. NO .. don't worry I had these things done to me more than twice, and I kicked and screamed all the way. I pity the Fathers unhappy times I gave Him through all these trials. Never will I stamp my feet again...

But really, will you accept the intolerable complement that the Father has for you... to suffer a heartache is to feel His very soul. He weeps for the lost that will never see light.

The Kingdom is not designed for the cowardly and cheating and deceptive and unloving. The self indulgent and proud, if you can't accept the pain of the lost soul then you really would not be happy in Heaven. Oh yes we live in crystal gold palaces and rule billions of Galaxy's... and yes our super bodies can never die... The Father loves perfection and while a part of His universe is under attack of imperfection (sin). We as devotees and lovers of the Father will never be satisfied until the Father is with His creation.

So buckle up brothers and sisters we are in for a fun ride as we with Jesus our leader and commander take control of not just this planet but also the underworld and all things... Yahoo, I hope you have prepared your self in this mortal frame to conquer eternity with Jesus.

OH did I just burst you bubble.. did you expect to drift aimlessly around the Kingdom forever?
The Heavenly city will be a headquarters for us who dare to take our super bodies and faith to realms yet unconquered... Don't worry Jesus will always be there with you.

Did any of you realise that there has been war in heave for almost 4000 years, yea and Satan still cruses up to the presence of the Father even as we speak. Micheal is enraged as he walks into the presence of the Almighty, but even he cant rebuke him... Yet.... When the Father does give permission to Micheal: to get him, Satan, then yahoo... that would be a fight I would love to wittiness... Guess I will have to watch it when I get there on live host...(a living TV per say).

There is so much about the Kingdom that I would love to share with you. What a place of love and comfort, even the T Rex smiles with an Innocent grin, He knows the truth now and is happy to live.

OK Gotta go. All Hail to Jesus our lover and King.

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