Wednesday, 7 March 2007

my new web site

Well I have done it now I just bought a 30gig web space. $300 for 5 years, that should get me through till I get to the middle east. Way into my next mission.

Now I need help to run it properly. Not yet my friends.... I wont be on the road till Feb '08.

Just giving the racer a rev up. I love mission trips they are a blast. I get lost in HIS love as I

walk in His mirricalous footprints. What a buzz. If you have never given up everything to serve Jesus then you haveent experienced the greatest adventure in the milky way galexy.

Jesus showed us the path and it is good....... Humm

I cant explain but it's worth everything..... LIFE. DEATH. PRINCIPALITIES. POWERS. Just name it, nothing compares to His WAY.

When you present the word of GOD to a mortal and your spirit becomes possesed with the Holy Spirit, this { ?>LLKBHVDHVO*T ihcp9wefi hblH[D23 .KKLADWEJN M bnjv} takes over and it is wonderful.

Enough. I just get excited that's all.


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