Monday, 29 January 2007

Weekend of Passion

After my morning devotions and reflection of the time I will spend with my fellow Prisoners of Christ I dressed appropriately as the Lord showed me during the week not to draw too much attention to myself with the bazaar way I dress and look.

My soft body make me look kind of Homosexual, I believe in the femininity of His bride.

This I do not agree with and no it is not OK in the Eyes of the Father. Your feminine nature and homosexuality are two separate issues, so don't expect me to be non opinionated about the clarity of the Fathers great universe and the creatures that inhabit it.

None are Homosexual and though some are hermaphrodite's, this is vastly different from the nature of the Father as they have both chromosomes within themselves male and female.

Why even the plants are male and female even the hermaphrodite ones.

This is a fact of not only Earth and all its species but of every planet in every Galaxy ever created and always will be it is an eternal blueprint of the very core of the Father and anyone that says like Jerry Seinfeld (homosexuality? not that there is anything wrong with that ) is a liar and a son of this world and not of the Father.

I am not here to play games. You sin against the Father you are my enemy.

I have sinned allot in this world, too many to mention here. But I know what the Father calls right and wrong.

I am not here to condemn you if you are a homosexual, but if you do not repent and change your ways, (seek help, therapy or a friend) you will die eventually and the Father will judge you and , trust me when I say this ( I know the Father) He will have no pity on you.

Look you can enjoy friends without having sex with them. You can enjoy your own feminine nature without engaging in homosexual activity.

The laws of God are as absolute as the laws of nature (pure nature that is).

Off on a tangent I go. Enough.

So I went to my church of love (the Salvation army). I go to a few others during the week as the salvos don't have a morning service, but the Anglicans have a beautiful temple time service in a small part of the church chapel every morning at 8.00 as the town bells toll we bow our heads to the sovereign Lord of all.

This my weekend was full of His Spirit.

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AceMama said...

Zerubbabel, applaud your setting out an important distinction here. It is huge and no one in our society talks about it: openly recognising, encouraging and celebrating the soft side within our men and boys.

Suspect this denial, oppressive conditioning and gender role stereotyping is a big factor in the the manifestation of homosexuality, violence and other ills in society. The (these days, self affected) objectification of women and now young men, youth and (notions of) beauty - boiling down to gross overconsumerism - are yet more binds of our making.

Within each male and female is the animus and anima, the male and female sides to our personality or psyche. Degrees of each on different tallies vary within us.

There is a pendulum where we need to be aware of the negative aspects of the animus (compulsive, perfectionist, 'I'm a failure') and replace with positive aspects of the anima (i.e. learning to love and accept oneself). This will enable positive aspects of the animus (accomplishment, confidence, independence etc) and not need the negative aspects of the anima (illness, inertia, addictions).