Sunday, 28 January 2007

He walks about as a roaring Lion seeking to devour.

To give one's life for a cause is the most Nobel deed, to give your life is the most precious gift. Most of my brothers and sisters give their lives in daily devotions, as we all do.

If you continue in the Holy word and follow the Holy Spirit, you could during your walk with God, may be called to offer the whole hog.

As Saint Peter did, the first leader of our brotherhood.

Fear not, I will be with you. And there awaits you, upon your ripping of your soul from your flesh a brand new super body that has never been possessed by a soul before. To mould into your own unique spirit.

"So be Holy as I am Holy" (Jesus said), that you may possess your new trestle body with a beautiful Holy spirit.

You do not get a 2nd chance, this body I give is not like your Earthly one. It will live forever in the state you posses it in.

Only one life will soon be past only whats done for love will last.

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