Thursday, 9 August 2007

How big is GOD


I would be a fool to even try to conceive the enormity of the Father or Allah or Love or God as you call Him.... but here goes....

I can only conceive the known universe we live in and science has proven that it physically consists of atoms and neutrons and so on. It with all the Galaxy's and clusters combined makes up only 10% of the known universe... 90% is made up of an invisible thing that science calls dark matter... ( all sorts of waves and subatomic frequencies and stuff that we cant see or feel).

I would like to set the books straight and call this so called dark matter as what it is " the spirit world".

So 10% is planets, people, stars, galaxy's, clusters of galaxy's and the known universe.

90% is the spirit world.

Seem likely that the Almighty could hold the entire universe in the palm of His hand and yet live in the eyes of a bird or even you.

He can live in this 10% of our known universe (which is all I as a mere mortal seem to comprehend) and not only run every planet, but somehow be simultaneous in form on every planet. Bazaar I know, but that is where the unknown universe comes in... the spirit world or dark matter as science calls it.

No mortal can put God in a box. As Solomon once said when He built Him a magnificent temple to dwell in confessed.

The heaven of heavens of heaven can not contain you, how much less this temple I built.

If you have a concept of the Father or Love as we call Him let me know...

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