Saturday, 3 February 2007

Who's Fool are You

I wrote and recorded a song Mr Penguin this time Last year, and in it I said you may think my world is black and white. Your right. It is, to me there is only the righteous, be you Muslim or Christian or Jew or Lover. OR unrighteous, be ye whatever. To make the shade of hew even more defined there are really only 2 types of mortals also: Holy and Unholy.

To sharpen the black and white image of a person there are only 2 types of humans that walk their daily lives: Christlike (sacrificial giving) and Anti-Christ (living for Numro uno).

I could break the spectrum of the black and white hue down many times further, but suffice it to say you know now what type of human you are, with these few Hew's of shading.

You can be a cool fool that self righteously thinks you have done your best down here, while your soul bows down to the powers that destroy. OR

You can be a happy fool that gives of your time, money, energy, life. To a dream that includes the happiness of others, and foolishly will not rest until it is accomplished.

Both will die. Both are fools for something. Only one will be eternally rewarded, by our super brothers that rule not only this world but every world ever created and have been in existence billions of years before our Planet was created, 6000 solar years ago.

Your time is at hand the reaper waits at the door to your heart and demands a decision.

You can foolishly ignore Him. OR Accept the fact that your living on borrowed time and better do something to balance out your eternal future.

My time is up. I will continue to be a happy fool for Christ. See you in the next world. Maybe?

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