Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Go the fire fighters

Just got back from 2 days of feeding the fire fighters in base camp with the Salvation Army doing the distribution.

With helicopters moving every few minutes and bedraggled fire men wandering up to the salvo's truck and hundreds of lunches to prepare and 3 square meals a day to set up for over 100 and upto 250 fire men, the shere logistics could have been a nightmare.

But it wasn't.

The system we live in may not be perfect for to err is human, though when you see such simple smiles on the faces of men who have very complete lives in themselves. A little hick up here and there seems like only a bump in the road.

A few feathers got ruffled and a few opinions were hot for a moment and in the heat of the front this can only "to be expected", but oh yes there has to be a but......

The Lord is in total control, the spirit of man. All is working out and at the end of the assault against the raging fire (beast), the victory will be won and all will be at peace again.

Until another spark of iniquity ignites another battle against nature, and our endless struggle as a community to exist in this little section of our glorious little blue globe called Earth.

All this to say, Yes God bless the men of fire fighting and Yes God bless the administrators and Yes God bless the Salvo's, buy more than all this God bless you my fellow man for doing your part however large or small to contribute to the well being and fabric of our most blessed country, society, Australia. Don't ever think your unseen labours are unrewarded.

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