Monday, 2 April 2007


This is not Blasphemy it is the truth.

Jesus Christ was the worst sinner and the most putrid disgusting soul that has ever lived, He was a thief, murderer, pedophile, rapist, mass murderer, liar, Judas and any other putrid type of sinner you could possibly imagine in this world called Earth.

Yes it was only for a moment of time and yes He was nailed to a cross while it was put into His heart. I believe that He could only take the sins of the world upon Himself during that moment of time as He was dying and pinned to that cross, because if He took them upon Himself within His daily walk and not trapped upon the cross, well: I can hardly bear my sin and I am only one pathetic person on this planet that has received His gift of forgiveness.

Who knows, but the fact remains and the perfect will of God was accomplished.

Imagine if you dare to conceive the beautiful sweet Jesus who did no wrong and shunned sin and it ugliness during His 33 year walk on Earth. In that brief but real moment of time, when the Father of all life threw all the sins like a noisome disease upon His own son.

The ripple in our milky way galexy would have been healed and the breach would have been created and above all that, Jesus Himself would have earned a trophy beyond any degree of glory we Earthlings could imagine.

Every sin has a benefit and a curse. He the Almighty Son of the Almighty. Elevated Himself to a status in the Eternal Kingdom as the Prince and the holder of the KEYS of hell and death... rightfully His. Paid for buy that moment in time when He consumed all evil and all hell and then Left it on that cross.

How do you as a simple mortal understand that this almighty prince can come into your heart and love you with more love than you could ever possibly imagine: simple He was one billion times worse than you, once: and this my friend makes Him the BEST friend you will ever know and ever have as He would do anything to have your love.
Don't try to understand His love for you...Just receive it and share it with others, this is the most we as mere mortals can do.

Humble yourself and receive the gift or perish in your putrid sin, as you deserve.

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